Our house White Peach Flavored Organic Tea is blended using Shu Mee White Tea as its base.  Shu Mee or Shou Mei (Longevity Eyebrow or Long Noble Life Eyebrow) comes from the god of longevity ‘Shou Xing’ and ‘Mei’ meaning eyebrows.  

Shu Mee originates in the Fujian province of China but also grows in the Guangxi province.  After harvesting, Shu Mee undergoes a natural process of withering in the sun with almost no oxidation.  Because of this, it has higher levels of antioxidants, polyphenols and vitamins with less caffeine than its black and green tea counterparts.*

This tea is light and fluffy with gorgeous tones of bright green and tan reminiscent of freshly fallen leaves from a tree.   Shu Mee is a house favorite at The Hawthorn Tree and when combined with organic peach flavoring, it makes a lovely hot or iced beverage.

Our Peach White Tea brews into a slightly sweet, golden color with the aroma of freshly picked peaches.  It has a much more mellow flavor and is less bitter than peach black or green teas.

White teas are typically brewed at a lower temperature (175-185℉) than black or green teas.  The steeping time for these teas is typically measured in seconds rather than minutes.  Ninety seconds is an optimal brewing time for white teas but we find between 2-3 minutes makes an excellent cup of tea.

We use our Peach White Tea combined with our Dragonwell Green Tea for our seasonal Peach Green Tea with Ginger. You can buy both Shu Mee and Peach White Tea in-store or you can order it online.

This post is part of our 365 Days of Tea Series. Join us at the Hawthorn Tree for a taste of our very own Peach White Tea and stay tuned for more tea tidbits! 

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