Saturday Sangha - Saturdays - 9am - 10am

Join us Saturdays at The Hawthorn Tree for this FREE meditation.
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Morning Mindfulness Meditation w/Randy Basden, MS, LPC - Saturdays - 9am - 10am

Join us for a meditation and mindfulness practice at The Hawthorn Tree. The sessions will be one hour in length, with fifteen minutes of instruction and discussion, followed by a thirty minute meditation, and then fifteen minutes of reflection and discussion. The approach will employ concepts and practices from a secular Buddhist perspective. No particular religion or spiritual practice is being promoted, although participants are free to have whatever private religious, spiritual experiences they may have.

To be mindful is to be in the present moment as fully as possible, observing the events of our bodies and minds with curiosity, without judgment. This allows us to assess our experiences in an objective fashion, to begin to free ourselves from established patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving that may not be giving us the outcomes we would like to have. Focusing on our breathing, regulating our breathing, are the core skills in mindfulness.

There is no charge for this and no one has to divulge any personal information. One may join in any discussions or sit and observe quietly. No one is asked to make any commitment of any kind.

These sessions are conducted by Randy Basden, MS, LPC. Randy is a licensed mental health professional with over 35 years in the field and has used meditation in his personal life for much of that time. Over the years Randy has incorporated mindfulness and breath meditation in his professional work and in recent years has made an even greater commitment to Buddhist philosophy, psychology and lifestyle. He closely follows developments in neuroscience and applys the concepts to his work.

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