Sacred Garden Meditation - Thursdays - 5:30-6:30PM

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Sacred Garden Meditation - Thursdays - 5:30PM - 6:30PM (Starting October 12th)

This meditation is suitable for individuals at all stages of their meditation journey, beginners included. There is limited space to 15 participants per session with closed doors to late arrivals. Floor cushions and chairs provided.

During the Sacred Garden Meditation, participants learn about the Middle World and how to tap into it through safe, light trance meditation focused on inner connection and exploration to procure benefits such as stress relief, inner healing, increased peace, personal wisdom and insight, and spiritual development, to name a few. This style encourages light movement, environmental awareness, and free thought flow, is verbally guided, and teaches an invaluable, lifelong shamanic skill.

This group is hosted by Devan, a trance meditation practitioner with 12 years' experience and a preference for the use of shamanic tools and direct revelation. He presently works for the City of Cheyenne and is attending Western Governor’s University to secure a bachelor's in business administration. The is FREE and open to all.

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