Class - Intro to Canine Herbalism - Sunday, October 15th - 1 - 2pm

Plant Energetics, Mindset, Modality
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Intro to Canine Herbalism: Plant Energetics, Mindset, Modality - Sunday, October 15th - 1 - 2pm

Join Victoria Stees of Revolution K9 and learn the basics of herbal medicine to improve your companion dog’s quality of life. This workshop focuses on the principal energetics in canine specific herbalism and four of the most asked-for topics in dog health & behavior. Come learn about:

Anxiety/Fear - Interpreting canine body language, nervous system support, treating chronic fear (loud noises, the vet) using herbal remedies

Arthritis & Pain - Selecting the correct herbs for each individual dog’s arthritis, non-toxic remedies for chronic and acute pain

Gut Health - Canine digestion, antibiotic recovery, supporting allergy + skin conditions through herbal medicine’

Urinary Support - Addressing chronic urinary tract infections, supporting kidney + liver functions, bladder health

Victoria is an award-winning professional dog trainer, bitesport enthusiast, and impassioned canine herbalist. Officially, she is slated to graduate December 2023, Doctor of Naturopathic Animal Sciences. She is furiously devoted to expanding her knowledge and supporting our local community. Pictured is Two Shot, her living inspiration behind it all.

Tickets are $30 each. Please pre-register.

Photo Credit - "Two Shot" (Victoria's Dog). Photo by Brooke Byelich - Wyoming Pet Photography

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