All drinks made in-house with our custom blends of herbs and spices.

Sweetened with herbs and local organic honey.

Never any syrups or artificial flavors.

Non-dairy options available.

Be sure to ask about our daily selection of baked goods!

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Featured Drinks

Customer Favorites and Seasonal Treats!

Hawthorn Hot Cocoa

Rich, earthy, not too sweet, and oh so creamy. A non-dairy twist on a winter classic.

Dutch processed cocoa, coconut milk, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, star anise, and marshmallow root

16 oz ($5.25) 20 oz ($5.75)

Autumn Hibiscus

Everything you love about fall in a cup! Gentle, warming spice with a hint of citrus and floral.

hibiscus, orange peel, cinnamon, ginger, lemon balm, lavender, and honey

16 oz ($4.25) 20 oz ($5.25)

Green Magic Maca Matcha

Served cold, this drink is bright on both the eyes and the palate. A refreshing antioxidant kick to get you through the day.

maca powder, matcha green tea, coconut milk and honey

16 oz ($4.75)

Hawthorn Chai

Earthy, sweet, and spicy, don’t miss this customer favorite made in-house from scratch–ingredients are mortared and pestled by hand then brewed for three hours until it reaches perfection. Get it hot or iced!

black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, hawthorn berry, spice blend, honey, and oat milk

16 oz ($4.75) 20 oz (hot only $5.95)

Hawthorn Golden Milk

Creamy, golden deliciousness made in small batches by hand from scratch. This is our take on Indian Golden Milk, with a gentle, spicy finish.

turmeric root, ginger root, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, black pepper, honey and oat milk

16 oz ($4.75) 20 oz ($5.95)

Hawthorn Fog

A delicious blend of earl grey, lavender, and honey make our version of a London Fog the perfect amount of sweet without the syrup!

earl grey, lavender, vanilla and soy milk

16 oz ($4.75) 20 oz ($5.95)

Hot Teas/Tisanes

Holy Basil and Rose

With the soft flavor of roses, this comforting, heart-healing tea is a divine hug in a mug, as well as a balancing, mood enhancer.

rose petals, Krishna holy basil, and marshmallow root

16 oz ($3.75) 20 oz ($4.75)

The Brain Teaser

A savory tea for your brain, loaded with vitamins and minerals. Made with rosemary, the herb of friendship, loyalty, and remembrance. Share this natural pick-me-up with your bestie.

rosemary, bacopa monnieri, nettle, gotu kola and honey

16 oz ($3.75) 20 oz ($4.75)

Rest and Digest

A gentle, refreshing tea with soothing tones of licorice and maple. Great for digestion.

fenugreek, couch grass, oat straw, marshmallow root, enhanced with cinnamon and honey

16 oz ($3.75) 20 oz ($4.75)

Breath Support

Return to the breath with this rich and peaceful tea to care for your lungs.

mullein, marshmallow, fennel, and plantain

$3.75 (16 oz) $4.75 (20 oz)

Hawthorn Mint

A refreshing favorite with a twist. Soothing peppermint with a finish that will make you think of long walks in the woods.

peppermint and hawthorn berry

$3.75 (16 oz) $4.75 (20 oz)

Mama’s Russian

Warming citrus and spice! Our take on a classic tea but without the artificial flavors and sugar. The astronaut in you will love that orange “tang.” Made with whole stevia leaf and not stevia powder, equals sugar-free without the weird aftertaste!

China black tea, Spanish orange peel, cinnamon chips, cloves and stevia leaf

16 oz ($4.25) 20 oz ($5.25)

Golden Dandelion

Great for the go-getter who loves life but tends to overextend themselves. A robust tea made from the much-maligned, healing powerhouse, the dandelion. Your kidneys and liver will thank you for the delicious, detoxing rinse.

The dandelion is also known to assist with spiritual openness, releasing your fears, and trusting yourself.

dandelion root, dandelion leaf, rosehips and licorice*

*Use caution if pregnant or have high blood pressure
16 oz ($4.25) 20 oz ($5.25)

Peaceful Afternoon

Need to de-stress? Get your zen on with this classic chamomile with an added sprinkle of roses and drizzle of honey.

chamomile, skullcap, rose petals, and honey

16 oz ($3.75) 20 oz ($4.75)

The Cheyenne Chocolate Mint

Yes, chocolate tea! Rich and creamy, smooth and sweet, chocolatey goodness that will make you give up hot cocoa forever. And it’s sugar free!

peppermint leaf, cacao, and stevia leaf

16 oz ($3.75) 20 oz ($4.75)

Speak Your Truth

Take back your voice with our soothing sore throat solution of licorice, citrus, and gentle spice.

In magical traditions, licorice and orange are also used in love potions. Magic or not, we think you’ll fall in love with this tea.

licorice*, fennel seed, marshmallow root, slippery elm, cassia, cinnamon, orange peel, ginger root

*Use caution if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure.
16 oz ($3.75) 20 oz ($4.75)

Single Teas

Hot or Iced.
Black, Earl Grey, or Green

All our teas are made in-house with ethos and eros just for you!

16 oz ($3.50) 20 oz ($4.25)

Snowy Elk Coffee

Regular or Decaf. Drip or French Press. We proudly serve Cheyenne’s very own Snowy Elk Coffee.

“Organic, high-altitude roasts inspired by Wyoming adventure and the outdoors.”

16 oz ($3.50) 20 oz ($4.25)

Iced/Cold Teas

Sunshine Lemon

A bit of lemony sunshine in a glass. A bright and refreshing customer favorite.

lemongrass, lemon balm, lemon peel, lemon zest, peppermint, stevia leaf

16 oz ($3.50)

Hawthorn Hibiscus

The taste of roses and lavender with a refreshing lemon finish. Treat yourself to a bit of springtime.

hibiscus, lemon balm, peppermint, rose petals, ginger root, lavender

16 oz ($3.50)


We proudly serve a rotating selection of Wild and Free Kombucha, both on tap and bottled. Ask us about our current selection.

Delicious for your mouth and super beneficial for your gut! Brewed with love in Fort Collins, Colorado, Wild and Free Kombucha is a fermented drink made from tea, sugar, and a S.C.O.B.Y. (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast).

16 oz ($3.50)

Non-dairy options
Oat, Soy, and Coconut Milks

Most drinks available in 32-oz sizes for in-house enjoyment