The Hawthorn Tree logo was inspired by a 4th century Celtic language called Ogham. Among the Celtic people, trees were considered sacred and eventually 20 different Ogham symbols were created using simple lines carved into wood and other materials. The logo consists of the Hawthorn or Huath ogham with botanicals hanging off of it.

Traditionally, hawthorn berries have been used as a heart tonic and spiritually speaking, hawthorn represents protection and love in addition to embodying both the joy and sorrows in life. Hawthorn trees typically have beautiful, white, fragrant blossoms but very sharp thorns.

Hawthorn teaches us to keep our heart open during both happy and sad times in our lives. The Hawthorn Tree provides a safe space.


The Hawthorn tree is a symbol of love and union and is one the sacred trees. Hawthorn is best for the heart and acts as a direct and mile heart tonic.