Remember in the 70s when mama would create a cup of “Russian Tea” with Tang and other goodies mixed in? Well the Hawthorn Tree has our very own version of Mama’s Russian Tea without all the sugar.


The mixture contains orange peel, cinnamon, and cloves, giving it a rich but sweet flavor. To give it a little extra natural sweetness, the tea has stevia leaf, a South American herb that has risen in popularity as a substitute for sugar. Lastly, it gets a little kick of caffeine from the China Black Tea. Together, these herbs provide a throwback flavor that every generation will love. 


Preparation for this tea is super simple. Grab a bag from the Hawthorn Tree or order Mama’s Russian Tea online.  Make sure to shake the bag well to get a good mix of all of the herbs, and then combine one tablespoon of herbs with eight ounces of hot water. It takes about ten minutes for this tea to come to its full flavor potential, but it is well worth the wait! 


This post is part of our 365 Days of Tea Series. Join us at the Hawthorn Tree for a taste of our very own Mama’s Russian Tea and stay tuned for more tea tidbits!

-by Alicia Moore

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